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Cabin Rentals & Camping

When you’re seeking a truly signature outdoor experience, River Ridge awaits. As a vacation destination located near Current River in Van Buren, Missouri, we offer every type of camping you could want! Enjoy relaxing in our luxurious cabins or in your RV, Camper, or primitive campsite for a night beneath the stars. We can accommodate large groups of 20+ in our massive 7,000 sq ft facility!

The Elk Cabin The Caribou Cabin The Whitetail Cabin The Angler Cabin

The Great Outdoors

Based in the heart of Van Buren, MO, River Ridge Cabins and Camping gives campers a unique opportunity to experience the great outdoors as never before. With the stunning Current River nearby, you'll get to enjoy plenty of fishing, swimming, canoeing, and other river activities. The Van Buren area also offers guests numerous local attractions, restaurants, and shopping centers!

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